Monday 6 August 2018

TAG is Finished - What did we learn and enjoy?

Kaleb (Room 10_- I liked the Milo because it tasted very very yummy. 

For Technology I learned how to make bow and arrows and match box rockets. I know to do a plan then I picked the one I want to make. I made a list of the things I would need... then I made it.

When I was making it I wanted to give up but I learned to not give up! Because things just went wrong and wrong and wrong (like the person who made the light bulb... he didn't give up)!

 I also learned to play different games like Battleship

Charlotte ( Room 11)

I liked having Milo's because they are delicious on a cold day.

I learned that some of the Technology things didn't go well like the Squishy because when we put the clay stuff around it, it went all hard. And we started out excited but when we came back ... it had gone hard so didn't work.

I made two new friends called Lucy and  Zeeva and they are good to work with.

I loved playing battleships - I did the best battle against Kaleb.

Caitlin ( Room 11)

I learned that because we were making the match box tickets but we weren't really able to do it because we were little.
The quick dry clay dried hard on Ava and Maddie's Squishy which was no use! So we had to try plan D. Plan D was no clay and painting then Modge Podge - We are waiting to see if that works!

My favourite thing was having Milo because it was yummy on cold days.

Ava ( Room 10)

I've learned that:
- you can make things without engines and electricity. 
- that you can make things when you are young and big.
- you should NEVER GIVE UP  and keep trying new plans.
- You can make the same thing in different ways.
- I really like Ripley's Believe It Or Not books.

Mac ( Room 12)

I've learned NEVER GIVE UP! When we made bow and arrows and also rockets things went wrong... I got really mad with the rockets but people kept trying!

I designed and made a Surprise Box for my family. There were two cards and one diary with stickers ( it was easy to make). My family said "Thanks" when I bought it home.

I also found out I like reading Ripley's Believe It Or Not books and I might go to the Ripley's museum one day.

Finlay ( Room 12)

What I liked about it was helping Archie making the bow and arrows. 

Playing the games at the start of TAG - my favourite game was Checkers.

What I learned from Technology TAG is.. NEVER GIVE UP! We did never give up because me and Kaleb never gave up on the Rockets.

At the Wigrim Airport Museum I saw a rocket that was up to my knee.

Kurt ( Room 10)
I learned NEVER GIVE UP because it will always work!

I made a bow and arrow in Archie's group I was helping Archie to build one... it worked but then broke into little pieces.

I knew most of them but not quite some people ... I know then better now.

The very best thing is Battleships and Checkers.

Zeeva ( Room 12)

I loved being in Technology TAG because I met some new people - like Thomas C and Thomas M.

I learned TO NEVER GIVE UP with technology. I learned it with Squishy making because we failed on Plan A, B and C... but on Plan D it worked!!!!!!

Lucy ( Room 10)

I learned how to make a Squishy.
 Plan A, B and C didn't work but Plan D did work!!!!!

When we  put the Modge Podge on we noticed it dried really fast. 

My Favourite part that we made was making the toys. We made rockets first. I was trying to make the rocket but it didn't work but two boys kept going and made it work!

Maddie and Ava made a different rocket than the rest of us - their one worked but the needed to make the legs more stable. Theirs blast off one time.
The others we didn't have nice weather so theirs didn't work.

I enjoyed playing with Zeeva again and I also enjoyed doing the word search.

Us in Action - Rocket Launching and Squishy making!

Tuesday 27 March 2018

Junior technology TAG

Today we started Technology TAG.

We found out what challenging choice activities we can start our sessions with and even gave them a go.

We got to work with people from Room 10, Room 11 and Room 12.

We talked about having milo in the winter to make us feel like a family.

We talked about lots of different design projects we could possibly do... and then all got to vote for our favourite!

There were three winners... Kites, Rockets and Toys all got 3 votes!

We then got to vote again to see what order we should do them in if we get time to do them all.

Here are our results.

Our teachers and parents said we came out of TAG "buzzing" ( so did Mrs Maw).

Some people even went home and kept challenging themselves.  Go you two!!!!!!

Sessions 2-4:

We look at some clips then sort groups and begin to design.

Matchbox rocket

Water Rocket

Making a water rocket launcher

Vinegar and Baking Soda Rocket

Here we are in action.

Session 3 we were all in the zone and none of us stopped to record our learning... we will remember next week we promise!

Session 4 - We learned... that just because something looks easy on You Tube, it doesn't mean it is. Some people tried to avoid rocket making today as they were "so busy" doing the choice activities... other people got angry and wanted to quit, other people got frustrated and/or upset and wanted help. We were all very different in our reactions to how hard actually making the tiny matchbox rockets was! 

At the end of our session we had a big discussion and talked about where we would go next. Most people were keen to say lets just move onto toy design... but a small group of people with "grit" were keen to keep trying next time ( maybe with more support from Mrs Maw or a big kid). 

Session 5- Caleb, Finlay and Mrs Maw got back into matchbox making and hopefully have 2 or 3 rockets ready to launch next time - when we are hoping for a wind free day.

Ava and Maddy did attempt to launch their vinegar and baking soda rocket... but it was a no go. They are going to make the legs more secure and find out more about the proportions they need to create enough gas to get it to fire before they try again.

Everyone else got onto toy design using the same process we had used for the rockets. Some of us worked in pairs and some alone depending on our needs. We are still working on these designs and are looking at the costing of our materials.

Mrs McKendry popped in and shared this clip with us ... maybe our next launch will be like this !

Session 6.

Ava, Maddy and Mrs Maw looked up the ratios of vinegar to baking soda.
This is what we tried...